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Muse Voices

New Character LJ

I've gone ahead and created a LiveJournal for sethgraves, a character of mine in a Harry Potter RP I'm in called Voldewarts. I wasn't going to do this, but I think Seth will need his own journal.

This of course means that Pernese Aerden is also clamoring for his own. ::grumble:: Ealdru Aerden is behaving himself. Hm. Perhaps I should be worried about him. Nice, obedient characters are not good. ::reminds self to light a fire under Ealdru Aerden::

I swear, Pernese Aerden falls in love with Z'leena, and all he wants to do is tell me about it.

On the other hand, Z'leena is a bit difficult. (g) Can't blame the poor man for wanting a shoulder to cry on. (snicker)