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I live in her head

Etaoin Shrdlu Radiation Signatures

(Note from Jordan Jones)

Hey Chantal,

All the info on the Shrdlu is available here

Etaoin Shrdlu Nemesis article at Obsidian Fleet Wiki.

There are 5 radiation clouds. I do not recall what the exact signature was for each, however, the yellowish-brown cloud is the one that provides the two way door. If you find out what the signature was, or choose to recreate it, please update the wiki with the new info.

I do have all of the old files from the Courageous and Langley station websites; however, you'd have to reinstall them in a php capable webhosting platform and search through the many pages to find the data you're interested in. It would probably be easier to simply redevelop it.

Chu'lak would be most concerned about the asteroid's origin.
Delvok about the effect it's having on the planet.
Chu'lak could certainly suggest an origin outside normal space, though.