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Muse Voices

Personal Log, SD 38

Lanis entered his quarters after his shift ended at the HCRI and immediately changed into Bajoran clothing. This consisted of rust-colored slacks and a loose, long-sleeved tunic of beige linen cut in a wrap-around style. He wanted to feel a connection to home and to the Prophets tonight, because the day's events had given him much to think about.

He boiled water for tea and brewed the spicy ginger in the cast-iron teapot he kept for occasions when he particularly wanted to think or center himself. The tea's scent brought memories of heating this same teapot over a wood fire in a tiny stone hearth that he and his wife had maintained wherever their camp had happened to be, each time they'd had to move to avoid Cardassian search patrols. It had been the one constant in a life in which nothing else held much permanence, besides cold, military discipline, and the deaths of friends.

Lanis poured the tea, sat on the sofa-bed in his quarters, and slowly sipped at the steaming liquid as he contemplated the day's events.

He had seen Etaoin Shrdlu radiation signatures in the subspace anomalies O'Dwyer had shown at the staff meeting. Despite his attempts at calm, horror shuddered through him as he thought about the implications of that. After a seeming hibernation for three years, they were active again.

Jonathan Travis was an intelligence officer who knew about the Shrdlu threat.

Patrick O'Dwyer feared that Travis meant to ruin him professionally.

Someone had tampered with the results of the paternity test he'd run.

Lanis frowned. "Computer, begin personal log," he ordered. "This is to be locked under eyes-only seal and encrypted."

=/\= Working, Requested security parameters implemented,=/\= the computer voice said.

Lanis leaned against the backrest of the sofa bed and sipped at his tea once more before speaking.

"So, the Etaoin Shrdlu have made an appearance again--or at least, their radiation signature has. I have to admit, I've been shaken out of my idiot sense of complacency. Not hide nor hair of them has been seen for the last three standard years. Even though I do some work on the LINOTYPE project every day, that apparently hasn't been enough to keep the Shrdlu constantly on my mind--or perhaps I just wanted to forget. Well, there can be no forgetting now. They are still with us and still capable of wreaking havoc in our galaxy." He let out a breath.

"Our new station executive officer, Lt. Commander Jonathan Travis, has been read in on them to the extent that he was able to bypass the secrecy seal on my personnel records. He seems to be informed about everything having to do with my work onboard the Courageous as well as the nature of LINOTYPE. For all I know, he's also familiar with the report that I wrote--will write--in 2413 about the slave races.

"This would all be reassuring, actually, if my current commanding officer, Captain O'Dwyer, were also thoroughly read-in to the situation. But he isn't. That makes me extremely uneasy. First off, I haven't liked having to maintain the secrecy ever since I've arrived here. Because our entire crew on the Courageous