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Mash Stories - Mulling This Over. Deadline: 04/15/2014

Submission Guidelines

Max. 500 words, excluding the title. This is one of only two strict rules. Go over 500 words and you’ll be disqualified.
The second no-no is missing the deadline. Mash Stories runs every quarter, meaning every three months and a total of four times a year. The deadline for the current competition is 15th April 2014, and the winner will be announced on 15st May 2014.
Any genre is accepted.
There is no submission fee.
Stories can only be in English.
Only one submission per person is allowed.
You can include your name anywhere you like.
You can choose any font you like. This is a story-telling competition, not a typography contest.
Submissions are accepted via Submittable. Please visit us on Submittable and attach your story as a Word document there.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
Publishing rights of the winning and the shortlisted stories remain with the author. However, holds the non-exclusive publishing rights for the full term of the copyright in the work. By sending your story to us, you automatically agree to this statement.
Please note that our editors may require small changes to be implemented in shortlisted stories, in order to maintain the consistency throughout the website. These changes would never go beyond altering punctuation, or correcting typos. We will always ask for authors’ approval in such cases. However, if you’re sensitive about your writing, you may wish to reconsider submitting a story.
Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for competition tips and updates about shortlisted stories.


Schedule for 2nd quarter’s competition:

15th January > 2nd competition opens
15th April > deadline for submissions
22nd April > the Mash jury finishes reading all stories & all shortlisted stories get published our website
15th May > we announce the winner

This will give each writer enough time to ask their friends & family to vote for their story, and get their share from the general traffic of the website. For more information about the workings of Mash stories, see our FAQ section.

Words for the current competition

Please make sure that you use the words exactly as they are: no variations are accepted. Everything should remain the same, including plurals or tense suffixes. Here are your words: Andromeda – democracy – dentist.
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