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Muse Voices

Character Sheet: Dhuro Lanis

Dhuro Lanis was born to a family belonging to the healers' djarra on Bajor in 2325, five years before the start of the Cardassian Occupation. When the Cardassians took over Bajor, Lanis and his parents were taken prisoner and put to work in one of the forced-labor camps. Lanis' father began teaching him as much of the rudiments of healing as he could, for it was not only their family's traditional profession, but it would be a marketable skill for him to have in the camp.

In 2335, Lanis' parents were killed during one of Gul Dahe'el's mass executions. Lanis by this time had learned enough healing to be able to debride wounds, set bones, make basic medicines, and do very simple suturiing. After his daily work in the mines was done, he would do what he could for any of the slaves who were injured or ill.

One day, a Bajoran laborer was injured severely enough in a mine accident to be taken to the Cardassian medics for treatment. At this time the Cardassian physician in charge of their infirmary, Amon Marek, examined the injured Bajoran and discovered signs of recently treated wounds. When the Bajoran would not tell him who was responsible, he scoured the slave quarters, only to discover, to his surprise, that the healer was a scrawny Bajoran child.

Dr. Marek might have ordered that an adult be killed, but he wouldn't do that to a child, of whatever race. Instead, he took Lanis in as his servant and soon discovered that his new servant was thirsty for knowledge. He quickly learned spoken Cardassian and after that began to extrapolate the written version of it. By the time Marek realized that Lanis could read Cardassian, the boy knew too much to make it practical to hide written things from him. Instead, Marek decided that, if Lanis meant to learn Cardassian, he would learn it properly and set about teaching him in secret.

This arrangement lasted for seven years. The Cardassian part of Lanis' life he found strange, fascinating, and fulfilling. The Bajoran part of his life, however, grew increasingly unhappy, as more and more often Lanis had to fight off others his age who accused him of being a collaborator. At last, to prove that he was a loyal Bajoran, Lanis was ordered to set and arm an incendiary device to blow up the infirmary.

Lanis knew it was a test, and it infuriated him. He hadn't formally sworn the Healers' Oath, but his parents had told him of it and had impressed upon him that everything he did as a healer, every decision he made as one, had to be tested by the oath and by evidence, because the power and responsibility of a healer were great and the risk of doing harm extremely high.

Lanis warned Dr. Marek and then blew up a military part of the Cardassian compouond. He was beaten to within an inch of his life by his own people after they overran the compound, forcing the surviving Cardassians to flee.

Once the dust settled, it was time to decide what to do with him. Lanis argued that expecting a healer to kill sick and injured people, no matter who they were, had been a stupid thing to do. He was quite happy to take out military targets, Lanis said, but he would not be a party to murdering patients.

He was happy to take out military targets? Then fine, he would be put in a position to do so, the Resistance commanders decided. From that point on, Lanis worked in some capacity or other as a Resistance fighter through his marriage, the births of his two children, his wife's death, and on to the end of the Occupation, by which time he had worked his way up to cell leader.

At one point during his career he and a handful of other Resistance fighters were set to guard a small town that was temporarily hiding an Orb of the Prophets. One of the Prylars guarding the Orb invited Lanis to view it, and he had an Orb experience, during which he learned that his name among the Prophets was the Sword of Light and Darkness, by which Lanis understood he would face the conflict between his profession of healing and his profession of soldier all his life, unless he found some way to resolve it.

Such a way came when the Federation came to Bajor to set up diplomatic negotiations. As part of the agreements, they offered consideration for entry into Starfleet Academy to any of a suitable age who wished to apply.

Lanis was too old to enter the Academy as a regular cadet, but he was able to qualify to enter Starfleet Meedical School. He found the language extremely difficult at first but excelled in the medical aspects.

Upon graduation he served on the following ships:

2374-2379: USS Vigilance as an ensign (surgical resident). Promoted to LT2 in 2376 after serving on several away missions in which he was commended for innovative medical improvisation under primitive conditions.
2379-2382: USS Charleston as ACMO at the rank of LT. Served under a Cardassian CMO, which he found...interesting.
2382-2385: USS Courageous as CMO. Much of his service on this ship is classified eyes-only under file ETAOIN SHRDLU.
2385-2387: Starbase 65 (Langley Station) as CMO and promoted to Lt. Commander. Continued classified work at eyes-only clearance.
2387-2390: Vulcan Science Academy, commission deactivated, Conducted research into Louis Preston's disease with foremost researcher on the condition.
2390-2393: Director, Hromi Cluster Research Institute.