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Poetry Exercise: Ordinary Things

A poem written in response to this.

"After the Cataract Surgery"

How blue, the ceiling
Of the doctor's office was!
I missed blue--
Missed it in the sky,
Missed it in the light of the
Machine that measures
Intraocular pressure.

And everyone's hair
Has gone so gray!
I thought my boss was blond.
When he asked if he looked
Different, I didn't know what to say!

Grass does not come in leaves;
It looks more like little green swords,
All appearing to me with crystal clarity.
Truly, grass does come in blades.

I cannot stop marveling
At the texture of street cement,
At the roughness of tree bark,
At the different ways light reflects
Off of water and oil.

The jacket that I thought was brown
Is purple--how annoying!
The cloak I knew was rust-colored
Is burgundy. Nice, that!
I shudder to think how horribly
My clothes must have clashed,
For the past several years.

At last, after four years of
Train-wreck handwriting,
I can take pen in hand
And legibly tell you about it.
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