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Muse Voices

Book Smugglers Publishing - Gods and Monsters

Submission guidelines for Gods and Monsters

They are paying as much as $500 apiece for three short stories dealing with both gods and monsters, or only gods, or only monsters. That works out to pretty much 8330 words, a nice, meaty-length story.

They want romance. Okay.

They want diversity in characters and authors; they go on and on about wanting "under-represented perspectives" and use not just LGBT, which would be normal and reasonable, but LGBTQIA which, to my mind, is bending the sexual diversity straw back onto itself. *rolls eyes* I'm cool with being inclusive and with getting more than just the Caucasian European point of view; I think that's a good thing--but don't be ridiculous with it. Just say you want ethnically diverse characters and that you don't care about the characters' sexual orientation. That should get the point across.

Then they say that they want the stories to be subversive, which makes me want to bemoan my brain--because I don't think I know how to write subversive. It makes me worry that maybe I'm not a very good storyteller. I don't rage against the machine. I'm comfortable with the way I am--well, I'd rather have made some different choices in my life, but I'm not into anarchy etc. I'm not the sort of person who gets enraged about social injustice at the drop of a hat. I don't write stories to do biting social commentary. I write stories to show the good things in life--honor, honesty, love, commitment, caring. I like for my stories to have happy endings. I want my readers to have smiles on their faces when they finish reading my work. Not to say that I don't want to handle tough subjects, but I want to handle tough subjects in such a way that readers feel good about dealing with them. Just as I touched on financial conservatism in "Weight" but softened Emarys' attitude about monetary possessions when she no longer needed her gold hoard.