Chantal Whittington (musevoices) wrote,
Chantal Whittington

Submission Guidelines: Vestal Review

Vestal Review

Length: 500 or fewer words
Reading periods: February-May and August-November.

They seem to like literary-ish fiction, but for this short a story length, I am comfortable with it. They are also open to fiction with elements of the fantastic (ie, "The Self-Portrait of Dorian Gray").

We do NOT want...
1. One-word titles.
2. Reprints.
3. Porn, racial slurs, excessive gore, or obscenity.
4. Children's stories, syrupy romance, hard SF, or preachy stories.

We DO want...
1. Humor!
2. Stories interesting to adults.

Pay (This publication is not a SFWA-qualifying market.)

100 words and less: $0.10/word.
101-200 words: $0.05/word
201 to 500 words: $0.03/word.

You will earn at least $10.00 but no more than $15.00 per accepted submission.
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