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Layout Change

I decided to change my Musevoices journal layout from Notepad to Magazine with the 'Drone' color theme. I like this better; it just looks more elegant, all around.

I'm working on some things in private entries, one of which I will post to fallen_seraphim when I get it finished. It's a piece for Children of the Vortex, a now-defunct shared-world writing project that I'm still fond of. The story is called "No Good Choices," and it's about a couple of teenagers growing up in a place called Occision Tenavre, which is a community of very e-vile wizards.

I'm also working on a couple of other things, but "Choices" is my primary story at the moment.

I'll make it friends-only, if people wish to read it, but I warn that the evil wizards here are extremely evil, indeed, and some of the content is disturbing.

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