Chantal Whittington (musevoices) wrote,
Chantal Whittington

From 'Flavorville Houston' to 'The Bus Life'

I have decided that, for financial reasons, I need to change the Flavorville Houston blog from a food blog to something I can write by doing simple research and interviews. Much as I love to eat out and tell people all about it, I cannot at this time justify the expense of dining out at (at least) four restaurants a month. This has, as I'm sure is obvious to my readers, been the case for some time; it's only now that I am admitting it to myself and to my readers.

I have decided to revamp this blog and call it 'The Bus Life.' It is geared to providing useful information about bus systems and alternate travel methods to people who regularly use public transportation in Houston. Since I myself am a bus rider and live in Houston, Texas, much of the information on this blog will be concerned with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Houston, as well as companies such as Greyhound, Megabus, Harris County RIDES, Metrolift, Uber, and Lyft, and services including UberEats. My intent, however, is to branch out into bus systems in other US cities and, eventually, to bus systems internationally. Just because we ride the bus doesn't mean we don't like to travel.

A featured 'department' of the new blog will be Flavorville Houston, which will talk about interesting restaurants to be found along Houston's local bus routes. I will not write about that regularly until my financial situation improves to the point where I can visit new restaurants without guilt.

What qualifies me to write this blog? First, I have ridden the Metro bus system for over thirty years as a student and then as a weekday commuter. I have seen Metro grow from a system of local bus routes, to a system that included longer, express Park & Ride routes, to the current system, which includes light rail and an extensive network of transit centers. I look forward to the proposed Texas Hyperloop, which will include the cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. I am a current member of the Metro Accessibility Task Force and plan to join the Houston Commission on Disabilities as a volunteer on the Metro, Transportation, and Parking committee. My intent is to provide the best information to Houston's bus riders that I can.

The next post you see here will be a link to the new blog.
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