Chantal Whittington (musevoices) wrote,
Chantal Whittington

A Bit of Commentary on Latin

Out-of-character conversation between Susan Nixon and me about the Latin quotation below from Starbase Vanguard in Thetafleet.

Damion Ildaran's office in the Intelligence Department looked only slightly lived-in, which was an accurate description of it. A blue sweater hung over the back of his chair; no one but Damion knew that he had knitted it himself, though Elizabeth Anderson would have surmised the truth if she had seen his office. He hadn't shown it to her yet because there was so little to see--just a desk that boasted his computer, a coffee mug, and a pile of PADDs, the sweater, and a picture of a starfield with the caption, Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.

* * *

Hey, pretty good - my high school Latin is still sort of helpful. I translated that as the Stars are inclined, but not obligated. =)

:D I saw it and decided that it was Damion's philosophy of life. "The stars incline us but do not bind us."

Oh, and Google says "The stars incline but do not oblige us." Interesting! So basically, the stars are minding their own business, and leaving us to mind ours. LOL

Yep! Or, "Astrology is an inexact science."

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