Chantal Whittington (musevoices) wrote,
Chantal Whittington

The Addams Home on Starbase 109

Bonnie, if you don't recall, is the anatomical skeleton in Chlamydia's study. Ischemia will find the earrings arranged on the ocular orbitals as if they were teardrops.

(J) Coming in the front door, the library (complete with roaring feline skin rug) is on the right; the parlor is on the left. Further on the right wall is the staircase going upstairs. Passing the stair landing (still downstairs) the dining room is on the left; fireplace in the wall between parlor and dining room is open all the way through. Door on the right, under the stairs, across from the dining room, is Chlamydia's study... imagine Dickens' home office from The Man who Invented Christmas, only decorated in Addams style, with an antique oak desk and an anatomical skeleton in a glass case. The front of the glass case opens outward. Finally, all the way at the back of the house, a kitchen stretches the width of the house, with a dumbwaiter which goes upstairs to the master bedroom, and a door into the dining room, with another out to the backyard.
Tags: vanguard

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