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Mission Timeline: A Diplomatic Affair

Here are the main plots of "A Diplomatic Affair" so far, in no particular order:

* Besm settlers moving onto the starbase.
* Interrogation of Zelda Alegari - progressing toward end
* Study of the jovian planet near SB-109
* Tram accident - finished
* Pirate plot continues. More stuff coming soon!
* Phantom of the Opera showing - finished
* Fallout from Col. Wellington's departure - finished
* Weird happenings with Dr. Dhuro's computer
* Addamses in Space! - and now on the space station!
* Dobbs Awfulness - The Plot Sickens.

I'm going to list a few major plot events that happen on specific days. Some days will have multiple posts occurring on them. When this happens (such as for the tram accident), please estimate the time of day, as well. Feel free to rearrange events as needed, but Jenny has the final say on the MD that an event occurs. Because someone has to have the final say, and it might as well be the CO. That's why they pay her the big bucks. :)

0730 - Captain Grax, Jason Fisher arrive.
1000 - Captain Suzuki promoted to Commodore.
1200 - "Tabula Rasa," parts 1 and 2
1300 - Suzuki meets Grax.
1400-ish - Suzuki and Grax (and anyone else who'd like to) goes to meet USS Kingfisher arriving with Crimson Assurance.
1350 - Alegari interrogation begins.
1620 - Tram Accident
1900 - Showing at 1900 daily through MD 6 Phantom of the Opera (Can happen over several MDs.)
2000 - Mikaela has her first dancing lesson.
2030 - Ignatius Collins checks into The Hangman's Noose Tavern/Inn.

0800 - Intelligence Briefing
1000 - Early afternoon... Further Alegari questioning and weirdness (several posts)
1300 - Do Big Eyes See More? (Jovian plot line beginning in Science dept. - posted)
1830 - Damion visits Zelda Alegari's apartment and sees her garden.
2300 - "I See Fire, Hollowing Souls"

Start of the Jerichos excellent(?) adventure.
1200 - Opening of the Varuna Spa
1350 - Hot Potato
1600 - Eberstark meets Fisher.
1600 - Mikaela and Kiara meet
1915 - Mikaela & Paul go to see Phantom.
2200 - And then they go to his place for ... omelettes.

0700 - Operations Post - Baro and Mikhailov
0945 - Besm arrive. The Main Event Begins
1305 - Offering an Ear
1400 - I Want Real (several related posts) Includes Experiment Number Six, Ischemia, and Purulence Addams, and Ignatius Collins.
1445 - "The Properties of Laminated Glass," parts 1 and 2 - Lanis and Dr. s'Siedhri discuss their romantic losses.
1500 - Fisher has a counselling appt. w/ Graves. It goes south.
1700 - All the Best Adventures... (Ignatius, Purulence, and Mary Elizabeth at The Hangman's Noose)

0900 - Romulan Approach
1045 - Treknobabble (Reon visits Bits & Bytes.)
1400 - Come to Chlamydia Moment (Chlamydia, Lanis)
1715 - Grax & Locke catch up at Orchids and Jazz.
1930 - Riko McCord and Henry Perry discuss cutting-edge technology proposed for USS Samurai.

All the posts about Briggs being attacked and in Sickbay, including Graves' visit to Purulence Addams for art, and discussion in Security Department between Michaels and Langston.
Isabella Perry stepping down as Security Chief.
0945 - To seek Out New Life
1200 - A Warrior's Welcome - 3 parts - Krell attacked
1423 - Lost in Translation
1438 - A Klingon Flew Into a Starbase
1515 - Muffet and Michaels - No Bearskins, But ....
1738 - Reon and Carlo - Rumors
1832 - Jade & Mikaela follow on from the Grax / Locke convo.
1943 - Michaels questions Briggs in hospital
1953 - Locke goes to see Grax again.
0800 - Intelligence Team Morning Briefing (general catch up!)
0815 & 0935 - T'vala and Krell - Beast posts
Afternoon - Damion visits Scents of Love to replace some of Zelda's now-dead plants.

MD-8 - Krell and T'vala lunch

0800 - Scientists getting underway to explore the planet Nāmaka.
1245 - Lena and Briggs hike the Promenade
2330 - Dancing in the Dark

Commodore Suzuki leaves the station for a command briefing on Earth
0900 - Consul Iril visits Ambassador t'Saeihr.
1000 - "Diplomacy and Counseling" - Graves and Lena discuss how Counseling can assist the Diplomatic department.
1445 - Lantz and Lena discussion
1715 - "Making Time" parts 1-3 (Damion and Elizabeth make tomato preserves as their conversation goes a bit pear-shaped.)
2200 - Taking a Breather - Lena and Briggs

MD 9 -11 - Kiara Lena does her ambassador duties.

1200 - Sounding Board (Damion has lunch at O&J and talks to Jade.)
1800 - ('Bearing' posts) Damion and Elizabeth try for another evening together. Conversation gets really serious, really fast.)

Also, several backstories have been, or are being, conducted:
Lost in Time (Why Are You Here?) posts
Prototype Mission posts

OOC: Thanks for this.

CG) You're welcome!

(JL) The Addams weirdness that has been the Crimson Assurance plotline ties in on MD 1 as USS Kingfisher arrives at the lower secure harbor with Crimson Assurance in tow. Yes; I need to start that moving. Mea culpa. The official opening of the Besm enclave is MD4, although there are one to two hundred engineers and construction experts already present, working on turning the area into a suitable habitat for their species. And, of course, the Ripper and Pearl sisters are already established on the promenade at the restaurant Pearl with a Chainsaw on deck 666.

(JL) As I've said before (and no doubt will again) I'm makin' this all up as I go along. I have only two cardinal rules: try your hardest not to contradict stuff that's already been written, and don't spoil someone else's plotlines. Please remember that my primary character is actually the base CMO, and that I'm always open for JPs.

But bottom line? Whatever makes you happy tickles me just pink.

Hello All,

Let me know if Artyom can join in on any of this.

Also, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this. If not, let me know and I'll throw it elsewhere. But I'm back and ready to get writing again. Sadly, I did not pass my exam but have rescheduled a second take for a couple of weeks from now.

Here are some log Ideas I've been putting together in my head. Any takers?

- Log between Artyom and Captain Torrog in which Artyom is called upon to fix something. Let the harassment begin.

- While performing maintenance in one of the turbo shafts, Artyom and ___ are knocked out by a energy cascade. They regain consciousness, discover their injuries, and discover that the cascade has saturated the tube preventing communications. Together, they need to reach safety.

- (This is a prelude to a subplot involving a custody dispute over Matthew between Artyom and Rees's parents) Artyom meets a potential romantic interest.

- New character named "Vis" is a Crab-like humanoid from an isolationist world -- bio will be loaded shortly -- who is sent to assess the Federation by joining Starfleet. Introduces him/it to the station.

- Matthew, being a smart and clever three year-old child, has figured out how to escape his quarters when Artyom is preoccupied. He decides to take Laika for a walk.

-Rob (Artyom)

Rob- Did you have a romantic partner in mind already? I have a number of characters who would be charmed to come across Matthew on his walk. ~Ruth

(Susan) You said: - Log between Artyom and Torrog in which Artyom is called upon to fix something. Let the harassment begin.

This sounds good. I'll be home by Tuesday and will start a post asking for your help with something. We can have a little fun. =)

Ruth: So...our resident Romulans need some interaction with people around the station and I'm not just talking about the Ambassador! Anyone interested?

Josh - Good to be back! Let me know if Solan can be of use for anything :) sporting a new look and a temporary accessory.
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