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The Muse Is speaking...

...But I'm not getting much value out of it, yet.

So--I have this unnamed wizard in my head who is very chatty, and I enjoy 'listening' to him a great deal--but I don't have a story for him. I don't know what he's there to do.

I think I might go through and use the Cherveaux: Palace of Light character generation sheet and see if I can work this guy up from that. I like the way that the sheet forces you to create all sorts of built-in problems for your character. My character in the game is a variant of Paul Graves, but with a really awful, heartbreaking problem. Unfortunately, the format of the Cherveaux RPG is such that I am not really sure I'll be able to tell his story effectively there. I could write it much more easily in Imperial Secrets, but IMS has changed too much for me to feel comfortable there. It's not the game I loved, anymore. I might just have to write Paul Lenoir's story elsewhere. Cherveaux is a very fascinating RPG, though!

Maybe I should start a journal for him.

At least it would be a story I could tell, as opposed to this very chatty wizard in my head.
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