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Friends Filters

I have added Friends Filters to my musevoices LJ. These are friends lists categoriezed so that only particular types of friends' entries will be seen on those pages. My two filters are for characters both mine and those written by other people.

Generally, these are Hogwarts RP characters, for sphogwarts, Voldewarts, and hogwarts_reload.

Writing News

My short story, "The Devil's Due," placed second in the Imperial Secrets Queen's Joust competition for this year. ::beams!:: I am going to tweak it up a bit and see if I can get it published in a paying magazine somewhere. Publication would be nice. :)

I am still working on A Spell of Unknowing. I got a lot more of the world fleshed out a few days ago, and I think that will help immensely with the story.

I am also still working on Darkside, but it is coming much more slowly. I am still uncertain what the actual story is. I want to write the thing because of the neat planetary ecosystem I've thought up for it, but an ecosystem does not a story make.

I'm going to see if I can get the Simon MacArran story finished so that I can send it out to short story markets, as well.