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Muse Voices

Avriet Timeline



  • 1400: Alix Riennes is born in Sevrennes.
  • 1428: Landfall and the settlement of Avriet by refugees from the kingdom of Sevrennes after the Drachaine War.
  • 1430: Birth of Lisette Riennes.
  • 1435: Reign of Alix I (Riennes) and Maurel Teuve-Riennes begins.
  • 1450: Princesse Lisette passes Confirmation and is formally named Heir.
  • 1455: A daughter, Margot, is born to Lisette and her husband Basil.
  • 1471: Reign of Lisette I (Riennes) and Basil Maigret-Riennes begins.
  • 1475: Princesse Margot passes Confirmation.
  • 1476: A son, Ruven, is born to Margot and her husband Nerrin.
  • 1494: Reign of Margot I (Riennes) and Nerrin Eclisse begins.
  • 1496: Prince Ruven passes Confirmation.
  • 1498: Birth of a daughter, Marise, to Ruven and his wife Jehanne.
  • 1518: Marise passes confirmation.
  • 1529: Reign of Ruven I (Riennes-Meliot) and Jehanne Meliot begins.
  • 1536:1543: Reign of Marise I (Meliot) and Jules Therin-Meliot begins.
  • 1556: Princesse Alix passes Confirmation.
  • 1566: Reign of Queen Alix II (Meliot) and Yves Riennes-Meliot begins.
  • 1579: The First Blood Plague. It kills 60% of Avriet's population, including Queen Alix II, and almost 95% of the people living in Duche Eurchel before it burns itself out. At this time the Sangreterre (Bloodland) gets its name, and the border between it and Avriet is closed. Beginning with this disaster, anyone seen attempting to approach Eurchel from the east is shot full of arrows and the body burned. Alix dies with no issue.
  • 1579-1582: Interregnum. The kingdom is thrown into a state of anarchy by the severity of the plague.
  • 1582: Reign of Leon I (Valondine) begins. He is unmarried and fifty years old at the start of his reign and takes power primarily because he is the only surviving Duc and the only person near court with enough power to form an army to restore order to the kingdom.
  • 1603: Lady Claude Riennes is named Leon's Heir.
  • 1607: Reign of Claude I (Riennes) and Marcel Therin begins.
  • 1608: Prince Bertrand is named Heir.
  • 1633: Reign of Bertrand I (Riennes) and Annoise begins.
  • 1661: Reign of Jenet I (Lenoir) and Jules Valondine-Lenoir begins. Their daughter Brielle is named Heir in 1657.
  • 1685: Reign of Brielle I (Lenoir) and Evian Maigret-Lenoir begins. Their son, Prince Armand, is named Heir in 1676.
  • 1709: Reign of Armand I (Lenoir-Marveau) and Daphne Marveau begins. Princesse Jenet is named Heir in 1707.
  • 1731: The Second Blood Plague. This outbreak is far less virulent than the first--or perhaps quarantine is much more ruthlessly enforced. It, like the first one, is brought to Avriet by people fleeing the Sangreterre who got past Eurchel's defenses.
    Reign of Jenet II (Marveau) and Micois Teuve begins.


    1435-1471: Alix I (Riennes) - 1400-1471 (71)
    1471-1494: Lisette I (Riennes) - 1430-1494 (64)
    1494-1529: Margot I (Riennes) 1455-1529 (74)
    1529-1543: Ruven I (Riennes-Meliot) 1476-1543 (67)
    1543-1566: Marise I (Meliot) 1498-1566 (68)
    1566-1579: Alix II (Meliot) 1536-1579 (43)
    1579-1582: Interregnum
    1582-1607: Leon I (Valondine) 1532-1607
    1607-1633: Claude I (Riennes) 1563-1633
    1633-1661: Bertrand I (Riennes-Lenoir) 1588-1661
    1661-1685: Jenet I (Lenoir) 1607-1685
    1685-1709: Brielle I (Lenoir) 1634-1709
    1709-1735: Armand I (Lenoir-Marveau) 1657-1735
    0331-0349: Reign of Jenet II (Marveau) 0283-0349