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Muse Voices


My submission for this year's Wergle Floop Poetry Contest. I don't expect to win, but it's such a wonderfully silly idea, I had to at least enter. :)

*shakes head* Anyone who has actually seen my poetry at The International Library of Poetry will probably wonder if I've taken leave of my senses. *cackles of evil laughter*

Tea! Wonderful tea!
Drink of our ancestors.
Tea! Wonderful tea!
I daresay nothing is better.

Squeeze the lemon, lump the sugar,
Serve the milk in glass or pewter.
Drink it iced, or drink it hot, or
Drink it your way.

We've gone from Framingham to Quincy,
But we cannot find green tea.
"Have you heard that there's a war on?"
Local tradesmen all agree,
Well, we will not cook your supper
Until you bring us tea!

The Duchess of Morcar's blue carbuncle
Is not as precious as a pot of steaming
Tea! Glorious tea!