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Muse Voices

Character Sheet - The Project 2071 (Father William Ratheleigh)

Player Information
Name: Chantal Whittington
E-mail address: aerdensrw@yahoo.com
Date of birth: 08/29/64
Other fiction groups or RPs you are in: Earth 2005, the USS Charleston NCC-70570

Character information
Name: William Jeremy Rathleigh
Nicknames: Is sometimes called Will, but prefers William.
Date of birth: February 17, 2041
Age: 30
Parents’ names: Jeremy Rathleigh and Suzanne Townsend
Siblings: (as needed; feel free to fill this in as you go).

Include details such as height, build, hair and eye color, complexion, what hand they use, identifying marks, tattoos, piercing, ect. If they look like someone, this is also the place to note it.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black, silky, collarlength at its longest, wavy
Handedness: Left
Voice quality: Resonant, low tenor. Sings well.

Walks with a swift, even, purposeful gait.


02.17.2041: Born in Ft. Hood, Texas. His father, Jeremy, is a pilot in the Air Force base there, and his mother, Suzanne, works in the base infirmary.
09.01.2047: Starts first grade.
09.18.2052: The Ruining happens. William's father is killed in action.
xx.04.9054: William's mother dies of radiation-induced cancer. William runs away from the base, not wanting to become part of the base's youth militia.
10.08.2057: William is taken in by a small monastery/coven of the Brethren of Light, who are all Catholic monks who teach that magic is simply another way in which God reveals Himself to the world. William is quite dubious about these beliefs, but staying with the monks is better than wandering about, so he remains with them. Over the next five years, he continues his education.
06.21.2062: On the Summer Solstice, William takes initiate vows in the priesthood, having come to believe in the brothers' faith.
05.02.2066: William completes his 'seminary' training. This is in fact a lot more informal than seminary was before the Ruining, because so much cultural infrastructure has been lost, and records are scanty. William is sent out to be an itinerant missionary, spreading the word of the Church and seeking out those gifted with magic, to offer them a spiritual home.
01.02.2071: William is tasked with traveling to Alhern, Oregon, to assist with the formation of a base for the Revelatory Catholic Church there.
01.23.2071: In northern Colorado, William is carjacked by a group of thugs who steal his car, leaving him and what remains of his belongings thrown out on the road. He continues his journey to Alhern on foot, getting occasional rides along the way


William is very pragmatic, capable of discussing and doing quite shocking things with complete objectivity. He does not often give himself over to emotional displays, and he tends to be somewhat cynical when confronted with religious fervor. He is highly intelligent and observant and can act his way out of several paper bags. He is audacious but also capable of caution and is level-headed. He hides compassion under a thick layer of reserve.

William is very much a reader, though it is evident that he has done hard physical work in the past--scars and calluses on his hands. He brings a small collection of books to Alhern, most of them pertaining to Catholic mystism and the practice of magic. He also has a couple of Wiccan texts. He is frequently seen reading, and ht soaks up anything he reads like a sponge.


Can read and write, as well as do fifth-grade arithmetic.
Can fight hand-to-hand and with a knife.
Acting ability.
Singing ability--Can carry a tune well, but nothing outstanding.
Can organize and lead people.
Knows when to cut his losses and will cut them.


Is awkward with very upset people and with children.
Acting ability is limited by his need to succeed in the role and by whether he believes in the role.
Is a bit of a danger ranger.

Abilities and levels: At present, William has no Abilities; however, I would like for him to develop gestalt telepathy in the future (the temporary formation of a group telepathic link). I rolled his level, and it was a Level 3.
Training, if any: Will probably be trained by his religious order.
Please see the section on Anomalies for more information on this.