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Breakout Novel Exercise Musings

Breakout Novel Exercise #1 is to pick your favorite hero, describe this person's heroic qualities, and imbue your protagonist with these qualities which you admire.

I chose Dwayne 'Dog' Chapman, because I really, really admire him. Every episode I watch of Dog: The Bounty Hunter, I grow more and more deeply impressed with this man and his family.

Unfortunately, Dog is nothing like Micaul. *buries face in hands* He's nothing like Allistaire, either. Geeze. But when I think of 'hero,' Chapman's is the first name that immediately springs to mind. There are many people I admire, but Chapman is up at the top--I suppose because he is unusual, not someone I am familiair with or grew up with. I could have said I consider my mother a hero--and I do, very much--but I'm used to her. Her heroism has become normal for me, whereas Dog's is way out there.

Maybe I should come up with a hero who is more like Micaul. I'll see.