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Eotu Ezine - Submission Guidelines


Read the ezine.

Stories should be short, not more than about 3000 words.

Poems shouldn't be much longer than about 30 lines.

Artwork, who knows. Our tastes run the same here as for fiction, but whatever you're into, I'm sure we're into also.

Please send stories and poems preferably in the body of an e-mail. Do not format your work (bold, italic, etc.). Several internet services, such as AOL, will scramble the formatting in your email and turn it to gibberish. Indicate italics by using the underline key _before and after your italicized text_ in your story. Indicate bold with . If you want specific formatting, Sending an html file is okay.

Please put the title of your work in the subject line of your e-mail with the word 'story' or 'submission' or 'art for EOTU'. Something like that so we know it's a submission from you. Don't use 'sales pitch' lingo to entice us to open your e-mail. We get a lot of junk mail, and much of it is filtered to the trash without being opened. Having 'story', 'poem', 'art' or 'submission' in
the subject line gets it filtered to the editor's mailbox.

It's nice, too, if you send a short bio with your work so we have something to put on the contributors' page about you.

And if you send your postal address with the story, it's easier to send you a check on acceptance. If you want to donate your work to the cause (keeping the small e-press thriving) or wish to remain anonymous, that's okay, people do both. Just let us know. And do be aware that letting us use your work for free does not give you better odds of getting published here.

Send submissions to: submissions@clamcity.com

WE BUY One-Time Online Rights, which means your work will be published in one issue of Eotu Ezine. That issue will remain in the current issue for 2 months and then be archived. Work that has been published elsewhere is okay. We prefer not to receive simultaneous submissions.

We ask that during the two months your story is in the current EOTU you do not allow your work to be published anew elsewhere online, except for your personal web site. During the time your story is archived (after your first two months on EOTU) you may get it published anywhere you can. We will delete your work from the archive upon your request.

Payment is 1 cent per word for any story ($5.00) minimum. $5.00 for any poem or piece of art. A check will be snail mailed to you on acceptance, though be aware that in the fast-paced world of e-publishing acceptance and publication can be just minutes apart.

Any questions, concerns or comments? editor@clamcity.com.