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Muse Voices

SGC Taskforce - Arrival

Jessica Rathleigh pulled away from the security gate at Cheyenne Mountain and headed for the parking lot that the security officer had indicated. Her maroon Volkswagen was the only Beetle in the entire parking lot, as far as she could tell. But it was a good car. It had stayed with her all through her post-grad years, all through the five years at NASA, and it stood her in good stead now. Thank the gods for German engineering.

After searching down a couple of aisles, Jessica finally found a spot and parked. She slung her purse onto her shoulder, then locked the car and headed toward the main entrance of the complex at a brisk pace.

She wore blue jeans and a camisole top under a light suede jacket and wore her long, dark hair pinned up in a somewhat neat chignon. She reached the entrance to the complex and went in.

There were a lot of armed troops in cammies and BDU's, more than Jessica had expected. Security was very tight, she saw, as she and her purse were wanded in addition to passing through a metal detector and x-ray scanner.

She restrained herself from making a smart remark and asking if they'd missed anything; these guys didn't look as if they had anything resembling a sense of humor. Besides, it was only her first day on the job. Let them find out about her sense of humor later. What was the fun of revealing everything all at once?