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Story - Vendetta Universe - Naxin

Geeze. I came up with a story idea last night. I can see the book cover in my head. I know what this character looks like. It's eerie.

There are vague elements of Babylon 5 and Ender's Game in it. It's set against a war between humans and some aliens who are very alien, called the Naxin. The primary fighters in this war (at least on the human side) are telepaths. The person who can end the war is a man named Matthew Brandon, who works as a recruiter and Selections Director at the company that produces the psionic enhancers which make it possible for the human telepaths to fight the Naxin.

I had created Matthew for another story entirely, but I'm very pleased that I can use him for this. Amazingly, I discovered that if I aged him from 22 to 38, he became a lot more interesting. At age 22, he was just a punk. At age 38, he had experienced some of the war and was a far more responsible person. The difference is just astounding to me.
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