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Muse Voices

Poetry Writer's Market 2004

I bought the Poetry Writer's Market 2004 last evening and foolishly styaed up until 2am reading it. But the time was well spent! I have found severl publications I would like to submit work to, in varied styles and formats. I want to write as many different kinds of poetry as I can, to get a lot of experience and be well-rounded.

There is a poetry community on LJ that I belong to, called the_bards. It has an 'audition' process that potential new members must go through before they are allowed to join. Generally, their standards seem decent to me. They have not admitted any poets who I would not have also admitted. And, while opinions differ on individual poems, overall, I agree with the admittance decisions.

The community could use some new members; it's been slow, lately. So if you write poetry, come give them a try!